Heat, lack of rain starting to stress corn

(WAND) -- Yet another week of 90° heat has led to rapid crop growth, however some corn is getting stressed.

Ag Expert David Brown says when temps get above 90°, corn leaves start rolling to protect against plant evaporation. He says this can happen with or without adequate rainfall. For central Illinois, it has been a bit dry making the stress worse.

Meteorologist Adam Del Rosso says the best chance for widespread rain will come Tuesday night into Wednesday as the leftovers from Subtropical Storm Alberto pass to our east. He says 1-2" of rain is expected east of US-51 with as much as .75" possible west. Beyond that, limited rain chances exist outside of a few pop-up storms Thursday and late Saturday.

The heat and humidity won't ease up significantly, but there will be a little relief in the next 7 days. Del Rosso says low 80s is the coolest we will get for highs on Wednesday, then again over the weekend. Overnight lows stay in the 60s leading to more crop development. Brown says a large amount of corn will be knee-high by the end of the week putting it well ahead of schedule.