Lack of rain to help dry crops before harvest

(WAND) -- After a wet weekend, a stretch of dry weather this week will help to dry crops more ahead of harvest.

Meteorologist Adam Del Rosso says a massive and slow-moving area of high pressure will bring at least 7 days of dry weather. He says the sunshine and light breezes will be optimal to accelerate drying. 

Temperatures, while starting off cool, will gradually warm throughout the week. According to Del Rosso, by the end of the week, high temperatures will be back in the low 80s with mid 80s on tap for the weekend.

Ag Expert David Brown says the rain from the weekend could delay harvest a little. 

"For some, harvest will be put on hold for a bit, depending on how much rain accumulated and the drainage occurs on fields that are ready to harvest," Brown says. "The sun and wind will certainly aid in drying. Temperatures and sun the remaining part of the week will get harvest started in Central Illinois."

Brown also reminds drivers that with harvest starting, to be aware of slow moving vehicles in the country for the next six weeks.

"It's simple. Take your time and get home safely. Safety at night and late afternoon as the sun gets low is especially a time to be aware. Vehicles can come upon tractors, combines and trucks very quickly."