Limited heat, rain chances for upcoming week

(WAND) -- As the crops continue to develop at a rapid pace, the optimal conditions look to continue for the next week.

Meteorologist Adam Del Rosso says timely rains look to keep soil moisture at an optimal level. After several inches of rain over the weekend, more isolated storms are expected Monday afternoon as well as Friday. Rains on Friday look to be more likely with perhaps another inch or so possible.

For a chance, Del Rosso says the extreme heat is not in the forecast. High temperatures will stay in the 80s all week with overnight lows dropping as low as the upper 50s Tuesday and Wednesday nights. This will give the corn a nice break and ease additional stress.

Ag Expert David Brown says the corn crop in very good shape as the plant is now in its filling stage of the kernels. He says corn went through the critical pollination phase in good shape.

As for soybeans, Brown tells us they will continue to need timely rains through August to shoot for high yields. "There does seem to be a decent reserve in the soil and with the crop shading the row now, drying out is limited because the ground is now all in shade," Brown says.