(WAND) -- Temperatures remain well below average through the middle of November keeping winter preparations on the mind.

Meteorologist Adam Del Rosso says highs will generally be in the 30s with overnight lows in the 10s and 20s through the weekend. For reference, he says average highs are in the mid 50s with average lows in the mid 30s.

Ag Expert David Brown says this is a great opportunity for grain elevators and farmer-owned grain bins to get them cooled down. 

"When air temperatures get this low, it is a great time to get the grain cooled down to below freezing temperatures. This helps to keep the grain in good condition," Brown says. "This is also a good time to prepare livestock for winter conditions. It isn't too tough for livestock right now, but it is a heads up that winter is coming."

He adds that bedding for livestock, or even pets that stay outside, is getting important. 

As for precipitation chances, Del Rosso says light snow is expected Monday afternoon and evening with a few more snow showers possibly Thursday. Amounts will be light with liquid equivalents below 0.10". Brown tells us that will give fields the chance to dry up for the completion of any tillage or any other work.