(WAND) -- Several rounds of rain will make for an unsettled end to October.

Meteorologist Adam Del Rosso says the first round will be Tuesday night with subsequent storms Thursday night, then again on Sunday. In total, up to one inch of rain is expected. This will make it a little more difficult to get into the field to finish harvest or any other work.

Ag Expert David Brown says this is a critical time to start applying nitrogen to the soil as well. 

"Nitrification or leaching can occur if it is applied above 50 degree soil temps.  This is critical for environment, and would lead to the loss of valuable nitrogen for next year's corn crop," Brown said.

Del Rosso says soil temperatures as of Monday morning were in the 40s, but sunshine and warmth early in the week will get them to climb.

Other work this time of year, Brown says, is either tilling or finishing up harvest.  "Most harvesting has been completed, but you can still find fields waiting. Wind Sunday helped dry things out, good for late season cover crop planting and germinating of wheat that was planted. Light rains last week were excellent for that crop."