Police Continue to Investigate Pana Stabbing Death



Pana - For many, Pana is a quiet peaceful community that sees very little crime.  However, an early morning stabbing Saturday has rocked the foundation of this town.  Putting some in disbelief and shock that something like this could happen in their own town.

It started out as a celebration of life party for a deceased friend, but in the early morning hours Saturday, it took a brutal turn.

Witnesses say a group of men came to the party, started fighting, and James "Adam" Bertin was stabbed in the neck.

After being brought to the Pana Community Hospital by a friend, he would later be pronounced dead.
Saturday's murder has left a family in mourning, police searching for clues, and a town in shock.

"It was obviously a shock in a community the size of Pana that something like this would happen.  Pana police responded immediately, they contacted further protocol.  Right now initial charges have been filed on five individuals that have been taken into custody," Christian County State's Attorney Mike Havera told WAND News.

Right now those charges range from mob action to obstruction of justice, with more charges expected to be added later.


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