Update: Watchdog Group says there is "Proof" State IT Jobs Will be Outsourced


SPRINGFIELD - The watchdog publication claiming that state IT jobs will soon be outsourced says they have published documents to prove it.

In early September, the non-profit organization OpenTheBooks.com reported that up to 100 IT jobs could be outsourced as the result of a $71.4 million staffing contract awarded to Cognizant Technology Solutions.

In a phone interview Thursday, Sept. 5, OpenTheBooks.com Founder Adam Andrzejewski told WAND that Cognizant had held open interviews in India for state IT jobs, namely in regard to upgrading the state's Medicaid Management Information System. Calls that day were not returned by the Governor's office.

On Friday, Sept. 6, the state HFS responded "on behalf of the Governor's Administration," calling the report's claims "entirely false, unfounded and misleading."

Communications Manager Kelly Jakubek says no state IT jobs will be eliminated for the MMIS project and that no state jobs are being outsourced to India.

Following the response, WAND reached out again to Andrzejewski, who stood by his organization's claims. "Either the Quinn administration is naively unaware of their vendor behavior or they are engaged in a cover-up," said Andrzejewski in an email.

In a later statement on Sept. 26, Andrzejewski told WAND there is documented evidence to support his claims. OpenTheBooks.com has since published documents showing that "within days of contract award, Cognizant filled federal paperwork for up to 100 H-1B visas for the Illinois work; and recruited and posted jobs online in Bangalore and Chennai, India." Those documents, says Andrzejewski, can be found publicly on forthegoodofillinois.org.

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