Local Car Creator Hoping Electric Car Changes World


Virden - Kevin smith, and his Illuminati Motor Works team came together to create a car that could change the automotive world.

It was a car that started out as a childhood passion, and turned into a mission
With a chance to win $10M, Smith and his team built the Illuminati Seven.

"We had tubes of steel, a suspension with no suspension components on it, and no tires laying on the floor looking like something that's been in an accident or rotted away in a field for decades.  We've done a lot of work since the competition.  We've got about 20,000 hours into it, maybe a little bit more," Smith told WAND News.

There's no question that the Illuminati Seven looks like a car from the future, with its electric motor and green friendly technology.  
Smith said that he believes cars, just like this, will become the market standard in the very near future.

"If we can build a car and we can prove that it can be, what it really does and where we'll really be going into the future, we want to show more people that it's possible.  We've done something right.  You can make it look nice and aerodynamic and be efficient and seat four, not to mention, it gets 200 miles for every gallon," Smith added."


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