SIU School of Medicine Provides Free Check-ups for Homeless and Uninsured Monday

Springfield - A trip to the doctor can be costly, but if you're uninsured, or homeless, a check-up may not even be possible.

SIU School of Medicine students in Springfield are looking to change that for some.

"It's really important because i think, for one, it gets people thinking about health.  It's a no cost opportunity for a lot of them to get their health matters checked," said third year medical student Tyler Griebel.

Not only is this an important event for the patients, but it's also an important event for the students giving them a chance to have first-hand, real world experience experience so that they can handle patients of their own someday.

"A student, a volunteer student actually from the medical school here, is actually going to take them around here and they're going to get their vital signs done, like blood pressure and heart rate.  It's good practice I guess.  I mean, lots of studies show that more patients you see the more you learn, and it's just another opportunity to get exposure to patients," added Griebel.

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