Update: Multiple Decatur Shootings

 Decatur- Sgt. Chris Copeland told WAND on Monday that shooting incidents started back in the beginning of May, stopped and then started back up last Thursday.

On June 18, 2015 shots were fired on West Leafland Ave. and North Monroe St. No one at that location was injured by the bullets.

That next day on the 1300 block of North Union St. more shots were fired. Again no one was hit with a bullet.

Shortly after the Union St. shots fired, a vehicle was fired at. Decatur police do not know if that incident is related to the other shots fired. Sgt. Copeland said, it might have been a botched robbery.

This past Saturday, a 21-year-old and an 18-year-old were shot on West Waggoner St. Shortly after that, a 17-year-old showed up to DMH with a wound to the back. He told police he was riding his bike and felt a sharp pain in the back. Investigators are looking closely into his statement because he is friends with the two young men who were shot on West Waggoner.

Two homes- one on the 500 block of West Leafland and the other on the 800 block of West Marietta were shot up.

All of these are targeted crimes involving teens and young adults. Sgt. Copeland said the youngest involved is 13 years old.
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