County Attempts To Collect Millions From Deadbeats


Decatur – In a time when taxes are going up Macon County is owed nearly $56 million in unpaid fines, fees and court judgments.

Circuit Clerk Lois Durbin has been attempting to collect that money and in recent years a collection agency has taken in over $1 million in past due money.  And now, Macon County is becoming more aggressive in collecting those funds.  The county has given a Taylorville collection agency nearly $43 million in past due accounts to collect on.  Most of those who owe money are criminal or DUI offenders.

“This new collection agency, which we started at the end of August, we’ve collected $256 thousand,” Durbin told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  “The taxpayers are not being charged to use this collection agency.  They are not being charged for the collections at all.”

It’s a way for the county to bring in funds for the courts, states attorney, taxpayers and police agencies without going to taxpayers for higher taxes.

The state is also assisting Macon County.  Tax refunds, state employee paychecks and lottery winnings can all be held up so the money can be deducted before a dime goes to the deadbeat offender.

(Pictured: Circuit clerk employees sit behind thick glass to collect fines.)

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