Decatur man in custody for pushing Cocaine and Cannabis across state

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DECATUR – Decatur Police Detectives have arrested a Decatur resident after a USPS Inspector intercepted suspicious packages containing drugs being from California to Decatur.

On March 4, the Decatur Police Department was contacted by a United States Postal Services (USPS) Inspector in reference to two separate suspicious packages that had been sent across the country from California.

The USPS Inspector brought the packages to the Police Department on March 7 so K-9 units could inspect the packages. A Decatur Police K-9 Unit then conducted a screen of the package and four similar packages and indicated the suspicious package had a narcotic odor.

With this information, detectives obtained a federal search warrant for the packages on March 8.

Upon opening the packages, authorities discovered both packages contained 19 pounds of cannabis total. Detectives then obtained an anticipatory search warrant, allowing authorities to enter wherever the packages were observed going into.

Decatur Detectives, along with the USPS, later attempted a controlled delivery of the packages.

Each package was equipped with a beacon, which would send off a signal when the package has been opened. The packages were placed on a front porch in the 1400 block of Main Street, and within 45 minutes, a man came to pick them up.

The man inspected the packages then took them with him in his vehicle. Authorities then followed the man to the 800 block of Dunham in Decatur. Detectives observed the man stop at a residence before continuing on.

Decatur authorities followed the man away, noting the packages had been left at the previous address. They later stopped the suspect, identified as 37-year-old Keith Halliburton, and brought him back to Dunham.

The packages of cannabis were located in a white Pontiac van left outside the Dunham residence. A more thorough search of the van also revealed 8 more pounds of cannabis, along with 328.4 grams of cocaine.

Detectives then performed a consent search and found multiple pieces of evidence that would be used for distributing large amounts of cocaine and cannabis.

Halliburton admitted in a Mirandized interview possession and distribution of the cocaine. He also told detectives he planned to distribute the cannabis to make some money. He later said that he does work and makes about $1,000 a month.

He admitted to authorities that he has loaned out (or fronted) over $40,000 worth of both cocaine and cannabis to drug dealers throughout Illinois, selling over 30 kilos of cocaine since 2014. The street value of 30 kilos of cocaine is $3,000,000.000.

At the time of the package delivery, authorities note that Halliburton was supposed to be in a halfway house for a federal narcotics conviction. He was still technically in custody of the Bureau of Prisons and had not even been placed on Federal Probation yet.

Halliburton faces charges of cannabis trafficking and possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver (100 – 400 grams).

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