St. John's College of Nursing Unveils New Simulation Lab


Springfield - The medical industry continues to be one of Springfield's fastest growing fields of employment.

A new addition to the St. John's College of Nursing could help continue the success and recruitment of new students.

On Thursday, the St. John's College of Nursing unveiled their new simulation lab.  
Both the outgoing and incoming chancellor say that this is something that will revolutionize the nursing field, especially for its students.

"This year, in 2016, we are only mid-year and we have conducted over 150 simulations.  They learn clinical reasoning, interpersonal communication, teamwork, and much more," said current school chancellor, Dr. Brenda Jeffers.

Incoming school chancellor, Dr. Charlene Aaron added, "this nursing simulation laboratory is state-of-the-art caliber and ensures that St. John's College to continue to be at the forefront of nursing education, producing very well-qualified nursing graduates."

Both the outgoing and incoming chancellors say with the simulation lab partnered with real-life experience, these soon-to-be nurses will be prepared for anything.

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