Rep. Rodney Davis releases plan for ACA replacement

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ILLINOIS – U.S. Representative Rodney Davis (R-IL) announced a health care bill to help replace the Affordable Care Act.

Davis’ health care bill (H.R. 628) is said to protect people with pre-existing conditions from discrimination from insurance companies. He is pushing for H.R. 628 to be part of the larger legislation to replace the Affordable Care Act.

Davis introduced the legislation at a press conference at the airport in Bloomington Monday morning, saying:

“My wife Shannon would not be here today without access to the doctors and treatments that allowed her to fight and win her battle with colon cancer nearly 20 years ago,” said Davis. “I want all Americans to have access to affordable health care but right now that’s not the case for many under Obamacare. Deductibles have risen to the point where millions of Americans have insurance they can’t afford to use, premiums that triple mortgage payments, and Obamacare has limited access to doctors, hospitals, and insurance plans. In addition to increasing competition and passing reforms that reduce costs, we must ensure protections remain for people with pre-existing conditions. I’ve introduced this bill to share the stories of people in my district who fear losing their insurance because of a pre-existing condition. Republicans have said we do not want to pull the rug out from anyone and this bill will ensure Americans who have cancer or other illnesses are protected.”

WAND News has reached out to Congressman Davis and his staff. They released the following statement:

“Congressman Davis welcomes input from his constituents on all issues, however, this group does not seem interested in having a conversation or solving problems. Our office has met with some of the group’s members and listened to their concerns about repealing Obamacare, including preventing people from losing their health care coverage, and today Congressman Davis announced his bill to protect people with pre-existing conditions from losing coverage. It’s clear they do not want to have a productive conversation. Additionally, the group has asked for a copy of Congressman Davis’ schedule, which we do not make public to anyone because of safety reasons, and for a town hall, to which we’ve said the congressman will be hosting a tele-town hall soon. We have let them peacefully protest in our office all day but our caseworkers need to get back to serving constituents who have requested our help with government agencies.”

Republicans in Congress are currently working to draft legislation using the 37-page health care plan included in the A Better Way agenda.

A Better Way highlights include:

  • Make support for health insurance portable. For people without access to employer coverage, Medicare, or Medicaid, our plan offers a refundable tax credit to help buy health insurance in the individual market. This is support you can use as you move from job to job, and into your retirement years. In fact, the credit is age-adjusted, so it grows as you get older.
  • Preserve employer-based insurance. For the 155 million Americans who get health care through work, our plan caps the open-ended tax break on employer-based premiums. This will help keep premiums low, and is a far cry from Obamacare’s controversial “Cadillac tax” that the law’s architects admit is a tax on workers.
  • Allow sales across state lines. Our plan allows you to purchase a plan licensed in another state, a step towards making the insurance market more competitive, and giving you the power to shop broadly for more affordable policies.
  • Allow small businesses and individuals to band together. Instead of hitting them with even more mandates, our plan allows small businesses and individuals to band together through new pooling mechanisms to increase their purchasing power so they can negotiate with insurers for lower prices.
  • Enact real medical liability reform. Instead of preserving a status quo that costs our health care system as much as $300 billion each year, our plan establishes reasonable limits and ensures plaintiffs can recover full medical costs.
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