Senator Silverstein resigned from leadership amid sexual harassment allegations

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill (WAND)- Sen. Ira Silverstein no longer holds his position as Majority Caucus Chair amid allegations of sexual harassment. 

Senate President John Cullerton announced Senator Silverstein had resigned from leadership effective immediately. The post carries a $20,649 annual stipend. 

President Cullerton also announced that Senators will be taking a professionally-led sexual harassment awareness training seminar next week during a veto session. 

Cullerton also vowed to name an interim legislative inspector general as early as next week. 

"It's our duty to fill that post, I take responsibility for my role in that lapse, and I apologize for it. These corrective actions are a first step in changing the unacceptable culture that has existed for too long." he said. 

Senator Ira Silverstein was accused of sexually harassment by Denise Rotheimer, a candidate for state representative and victims rights advocate. 

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