Son goes home after mother's tragic death

(Provided Photo/HSHS St. John's Hosptial) (Provided Photo/HSHS St. John's Hosptial)

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - A child that spent the first eight months of his life at HSHS St. John's Children's Hospital is now home with family. 

Baby Mylas was delivered on May 30, by emergency C-section after his mother died in a drive-by shooting. 28-year-old Sheena Malone was only 23-weeks pregnant. 

NICU staff say Mylas overcame some incredible obstacles in his short time so far in this world. Mylas is almost 10 months old and lives at home with his legal guardian and biological aunt, Sanatra. She is the sister of Mylas' father. 

"We're excited. This will be the first of a new life for both of us," Sanatra said.

Mylas has undergone several surgeries. However, in his time with the NICU nurses he captured the hearts of many. 

"Our team was able to do an emergency C-section to get the baby. Being extremely premature and just over one pound we didn't know what his outlook was. Some days we thought he was doing great and the next day we thought he might be seeing angels soon," said Audra Koons and RN at St. John's Hospital. “Week by week he was getting better. His outlook now is amazing, considering where he came from.”

After eight months in the NICU Mylas will go home.

“He's a miracle. He has a purpose in this world no doubt, said Koons.

The staff of St. John’s invited all of the first responders and medical staff members who have been a part of Mylas’. Sanatra said that those who helped save Mylas loved him as much as their own family and she can’t thank them enough.  

Sanatra thanked everyone from the firefighters, police officers, the mayor and colleagues from our ER, NICU and everyone else at St. John’s who played such a big role in saving this miracle baby. from our ER, NICU and everyone else at St. John’s who played such a big role in saving this miracle baby. 

Police say, Malone was not the intended target in the drive-by shooting that happened in the 1900 block of South First Street.

Springfield police arrested 23-year-old Derrick D. Hayes for the shooting on June 16. He is expected to have his jury trial on April 23 at 9 a.m.

You can watch more of Mylas' story below: 

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