Scovill Zoo welcomes two Cheetah Brothers to the family

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DECATUR – Zoo staff and visitors alike gathered at Scovill Zoo on Saturday afternoon to welcome two new additions to the family: cheetah brothers.

Two-year-old brothers Segosi and Kapenda came all the way from the Smithsonian Conversation Biology Institute Center for Species Survival in Front Royal, Virginia. They join the exhibit with 14-year-old Jafari, who according to the Zoo’s Facebook page, was not sure what to think of the younger cheetahs.

Jafari has been alone in the exhibit since his brother Runako died back in September 2015.

A ceremony was held on Saturday, April 9, to welcome the two new additions.

Scovill Zoo Director Ken Frye told WAND’s Dave Brown, “You know they’re the fastest land mammal. They can run fast. They’re pretty laidback at the same time. But, we at Scovill Zoo, we love cheetahs. We support cheetah conservation here in the United States and South Africa.”

Frye also says since cheetahs are a part of the Scovill Zoo logo, they already are an integral part of the zoo and that he and the staff are happy to have them there for years to come.

Scovill Zoo is now open for the season, and you can find more information about the facility on its website.

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