Wal-Mart changes gun purchase rules

(WAND) - We've all experienced it. You just finished purchasing all your things at the self checkout and a Walmart employee asks to verify your receipt. Do you really have to show it to them?

According to Texas Fort Bend County Pct. 3 Constable Wayne Thompson, you don't.

“There is no law (penal code) that allows a store to demand you show your receipt,” explained Thompson. “You can walk on by if you wish.”

Even though a customer isn’t legally required to show a receipt at Walmart in Texas, they are required to show one at Sam’s Club and Costco. 

Those stores require a membership with their own terms and conditions, as soon as a person signs them they have agreed to show their receipts.

Although you may not have to show your receipt at a Walmart it can raise suspicion that you are shoplifting.

If there is a probable cause a store can detain a suspected shoplifter for a limited amount of time, according to KHOU legal analyst Gerald Treece. It is what is known as Shopkeeper's Privilege in Texas.