Amtrak begins operating faster, eco-friendly trains

(WAND) - U.S senator Tammy Duckworth called a recent incident with Amtrak where they charged two people with wheelchairs $25,000 to ride outrageous.

According to NPR a disability advocacy group complained that they were charged $25,000 for a one way ticket from Chicago to Bloomington, Illinois.

Now the price of said ticket usually goes for $16. But that wasn't the case for two people in wheelchairs. Adam Ballard, who works for Access Living Chicago, told NPR that the group required five wheelchair seats, but the train only had three.

Duckworth put out the following statements:

“It is outrageous that Amtrak asked a group of passengers with disabilities to pay $25,000 to ride from the City of Chicago to Bloomington, Illinois. It is also disappointing that Amtrak leadership appears to have failed to offer a public apology for its initial mistake.

“The Americans with Disabilities Act has been the law of the land for 30 years. Yet in 2020, Amtrak believes it would be an unreasonable burden to remove architectural barriers that would enable a group with five wheelchair users to travel together.  

“As Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Transportation, I believe Amtrak must do better moving forward. To prevent future incidents, I will be requesting that Amtrak CEO Richard Anderson meet with me to discuss eliminating Amtrak’s nationwide policy of refusing to absorb any costs associated with reconfiguring a railcar to accommodate a group of wheelchair users.”