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Election Results

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WAND-TV Elections
3/23/2023 2:37:54 PM
Champaign County SheriffChampaign County100% Reporting
Dustin Heuerman (D)10,40158%
John Brown (R)7,46442%
Christian County State's AttorneyChristian County100% Reporting
John McWard (R)7,21858%
Wesley Poggenpohl (D)5,18342%
Edgar County SheriffEdgar County100% Reporting
Jeff Wood (D)3,28654%
Doug Cochran (R)2,81946%
Christian County SheriffChristian County100% Reporting
Bruce Kettelkamp (R)8,99373%
DJ Mathon (I)3,25227%
IL-State Senate-District 48Totals100% Reporting
✔Doris Turner (D) (i)38,94751%
Sandy Hamilton (R)37,65449%
IL-State House-District 96Totals100% Reporting
✔Sue Scherer (D) (i)17,82858%
Lisa Smith (R)12,91642%
IL-State House-District 104Totals100% Reporting
✔Mike Marron (R) (i)18,93956%
Cynthia Cunningham (D)14,82644%
IL-Secretary of StateTotals100% Reporting
✔Alexi Giannoulias (D)2,146,65354%
Dan Brady (R)1,759,02744%
Jon Stewart (L)84,7342%
IL-Attorney GeneralTotals100% Reporting
✔Kwame Raoul (D) (i)2,145,74654%
Thomas DeVore (R)1,749,89544%
Daniel Robin (L)86,9692%
IL-TreasurerTotals100% Reporting
✔Michael Frerichs (D) (i)2,133,57554%
Tom Demmer (R)1,744,00644%
Preston Nelson (L)88,0252%
IL-ComptrollerTotals100% Reporting
✔Susana Mendoza (D) (i)2,256,90557%
Shannon Teresi (R)1,654,43442%
Deirdre McCloskey (L)74,4822%
IL-GovernorTotals100% Reporting
✔JB Pritzker (D) (i)2,199,20855%
Darren Bailey (R)1,717,37443%
Scott Schluter (L)112,3763%
IL-U.S. House-District 12Totals100% Reporting
✔Mike Bost (R) (i)213,43875%
Homer Markel (D)69,58125%
IL-U.S. House-District 13Totals100% Reporting
✔Nikki Budzinski (D)136,12356%
Regan Deering (R)107,35744%
IL-U.S. House-District 15Totals100% Reporting
✔Mary Miller (R) (i)209,19171%
Paul Lange (D)83,76529%
IL-Supreme Court-2 - Thomas VacancyTotals100% Reporting
✔Elizabeth Rochford (D)307,40255%
Mark Curran (R)254,08845%
IL-Supreme Court-3 - Kilbride VacancyTotals100% Reporting
✔Mary O'Brien (D)341,52951%
Michael Burke (R) (i)330,64949%
IL-U.S. House-District 2Totals100% Reporting
✔Robin Kelly (D) (i)137,66567%
Thomas Lynch (R)68,33433%
IL-Constitutional Amendment-1 - Collective Bargaining RightsTotals100% Reporting