PARIS, Ill. (WAND) – An Indiana fire chief has been demoted after driving his taxpayer financed vehicle to Illinois multiple times on personal business. 

John Kraft of the Edgar County Watchdogs in Paris noticed an Elwood, Indiana fire department pickup truck on at least three occasions in the town of Marshall, Illinois.  Marshall is about 139 miles from Elwood. 

Kraft called the Elwood fire department and was told the vehicle was being driven by Brad Compton the fire chief.  When Kraft went back to Marshall he found the truck parked at a Marshall apartment building where Compton was apparently doing construction work.

“I took pictures of the vehicle by the apartment building with plywood leaned up to the building.  There’s a ladder that goes up to the roof,” Kraft told WANDs Doug Wolfe.  “And when I pulled-up he was pulling something out of the back, construction material, and he had a saw there.”

Kraft shot multiple pictures and contacted the mayor of Elwood who said he would take care of it.  Compton was demoted several hours later.

A new fire chief has already been appointed.