DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) — Cory Barrows really doesn't need an introduction.

The former Decatur patrol officer retired exactly 30 years after he started with the department — by dancing to "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins.

"I really didn't want to do it," he said with a laugh. "I was prompted by my wife, Lisa."

Lisa Barrows posted the video on Facebook. From there, Cory's dance moves spread like wildfire — first in central Illinois and then nationally and internationally. More than 97,000 views later, Barrows has a hard time going anywhere in Decatur without someone bringing it up.

"Going viral internationally is extremely overwhleming, but really, really interesting," he said.

The dance moves made for a fun surprise during his final sign off, but Lisa has seen her husband's dance moves coming for years. At weddings, police banquets and family gatherings, if "Footloose" comes on, odds are people are begging Cory to dance.

"I'm glad I married someone like that because I wouldn't want to marry [someone boring]," Lisa said. "I can't do boring."

Cory's days on the police force may be over. But the dancing is just getting started — even if it's a little harder to hit the splits mid-song.

"When I jump and land, sometimes I'll end up with a bruise," he said. "It's just easy to get up and go a little bit nuts." 

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