ILLINOIS (WAND) - Michael Madigan has resigned from his role as head of the Democratic Party of Illinois a week after stepping down from the state legislature. 

Madigan had lost his role as Illinois Speaker of the House following an investigation into a ComEd bribery scandal implicated him. He then announced in February he would resign from his 22nd district seat and was succeeded by Edward Guerra Kordatt, who he endorsed.

The ComEd bribery scheme was meant to influence Madigan in exchange for legislation favorable to ComEd. Madigan was identified as "Public Official A" in a federal indictment. 

Two former executives of ComEd and two consultants, including a longtime Madigan confidant, were indicted on federal charges in November.

A deferred prosecution agreement filed in July by federal prosecutors revealed ComEd admitted to arranging jobs and payments for associates of "Public Official A." The utility giant agreed to pay $200 million in fines. 

Madigan's seat at the top of the Illinois Democratic party will be filled by Vice Chair Karen Yarbrough on an interim basis, according to NBC Chicago.  She will oversee the central committee's long-term replacement search. 

“Over the last two decades, we have elected a diverse array of Democrats across Illinois and helped send a hometown Chicago leader to the White House, turning Illinois into a Democratic stronghold in the Midwest,” Madigan said. “Together, we faced conservative extremism and stood up for working men and women. I’m confident the Democratic Party of Illinois will continue to cement our place as a beacon of progressive values."

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