SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - More than 300,000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year and 100,000 of those children pass away.

Now anyone in the state can help fund pediatric cancer research by simply getting a new license plate. 

Kimberly Wade said it was her son Jonny's wish to raise more awareness and funds for pediatric cancer.

"He would often tell me 'Momma, I would do this all over again if we could save one kid',"Wade said.

Jonny was diagnosed with brain cancer at age seven and, before a year had gone by, he passed away. 

"He passed away in our arms on Christmas Eve of 2015," Wade said.

After hearing some statistics about pediatric cancer, Kimberly said it was Johnny's mission to make a change.

"We found out about the 4 percent that's allocated to pediatric cancer thorough the National Cancer Institute," Wade said. "[Jonny] began to tell me, 'Momma, 4 percent? It should be 50/50 ... 50 for kids, 50 for adults, that's what's right'."

With the help of State Senator Steve McClure and Representative C.D. Davidsmeyer, a bill was passed by the governor.

"It's just an honor," McClure said. "This was my very first bill that got passed. It means something to me and to the district."

McClure said this bill authorizes the state to sell special license plates and license plate decals to raise awareness and funds for pediatric cancer.

"You pay this fee every year for the decal, along with the universal specialty license plate, and a big portion of that goes to the University of Illinois," McClure said. "They've got a Pediatric Cancer Treatment and Research Center, and that's what it's going to go to."

The decals will have an issue fee of $25. Ten of those dollars will go to the awareness fund. The yearly renewal fee will also be $25, with $23 going to the fund.

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