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PANAMA CITY (WAND) - Two Americans, including a woman from Teutopolis, are missing after a plane crash in Panama. 

There were five people aboard the single-engine Piper Cherokee 6 plane, NBC affiliate WTWO and the Associated Press report, when it  ended up in the Pacific Ocean and went underwater quickly on Jan. 3. Sue Borries, who had spent decades teaching in the Teutopolis area, is one of two people considered to be missing. The other is Debra Velleman of Waukesha, Wisc.

According to Panama's Civil Aviation Authority, the missing Americans are of ages 57 and 70. The other three people on the private flight, which included a pilot and two other U.S. citizens, were rescued. 

In the search for the missing passengers, crews searched Panama's Punta Chame, which is south of Panama City, by boat and aircraft.

The plane was going to Chame from Contadora Island, which is about 50 miles away, when this crash occurred. Borries and her husband were coming back on separate flights after a New Year's celebration, which happened on an island off of Panama.

Borries' son, Brandon, called her a lover of life and said she kept serving after retiring in Panama. 

“Volunteering at a local school, volunteering at a local church, in pickleball leagues,” he said. “You know, traveling to all of these little islands. Really a lust for life.”

According to Borries' sun, Panamanian leaders quickly reached out to the U.S. government for help. Requests were made regarding sonar and dive teams for "deep and murky water dives," he said. 

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