Firework Disposal

SPIRNGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) -- Fireworks are a staple of the 4th of July holiday weekend, but they can become a safety hazard if not disposed correctly.

"The metal rod sparklers get extremely hot and if not disposed correctly, someone can step on them and suffer a severe injury," Springfield Division Chief of Fire Safety Ed Canny said. "If you don't dispose of fireworks correctly, they're hot enough to start a fire."

Canny says after you let fireworks cool down, you can soak and wrap them. After that, fireworks can be disposed.

"Once the fireworks have cooled down, they're no longer a hazard and can be disposed the next morning in your trash," Canny said. "If you have other items that did not go off, you should soak those in a water bucket for 24 hours before throwing them way in your regular garbage."

Canny has seen several injuries occur because of littered fireworks. He reminds all Illinoisans to clean up after themselves when using fireworks.

"Whatever actions you're doing with your fireworks could impact others, so keep everyone in mind as your celebrating the 4th of July holiday, " Canny said. "Try to remember we don't want to litter the streets with firework trash."

You can learn more about the disposal of fireworks by clicking on this link.

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