CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND) - The company nuEra is planning a grand opening for an adult-use cannabis dispensary in Champaign. 

This location will be nuEra's second in the Champaign-Urbana area, as it has a medical cannabis location in Urbana. The Champaign store will be adult-use only. 

The grand opening is set for April 16 at the new store, which will be at 102 E. Green St. There will be ribbon cutting ceremony on opening day that will be attended by Champaign Chamber of Commerce representatives. 

Officials said nuEra completely renovated the Champaign location for a "convenient, fun and easy retail experience." There will be online pre-ordering for adults 21 and older. In addition, the store will have technology-enabled kiosks for quick walk-in orderings. 

Customers must wear masks and maintain proper social distancing when shopping in the store. 

Preorders can be made online here

“We are excited to bring our nuEra branded products to the Champaign area, including our new line of solvent-free concentrates, which we are really excited to be introducing,” said Jonah Rapino, nuEra’s marketing director. “We are preparing an amazing menu with an incredible array of products from Illinois’ best producers - flower, cartridges, edibles and more. There will be something for everyone, and our budtenders will be ready to educate and assist."

Officials said because of state regulations, the Champaign location will only be licensed for adult-use customers. The company will stay committed to medical roots by supporting and prioritizing the medical program at the nuEra Urbana location. 

Leaders said nuEra added 18 new jobs to prepared for the onset of adult-use sales in Champaign-Urbana. 

Click here to learn more about nuEra. 

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