DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - A recent educational campaign has been launched in Decatur focused on potentially negative impacts recreational marijuana sales can have on a community.  

Recreational marijuana was legalized in Illinois and will become effect January 2020.

A growing number of communities are choosing to "opt out" of allowing recreational marijuana in their cities.

The campaign uses data surrounding the impact other states that have legalized recreational marijuana sales including increased adolescent users, increased black market sales, increased traffic accidents and traffic related deaths linked to marijuana.

You can read more about the campaign by clicking HERE

Some Decatur area law enforcement and health professionals have also come out in support of the effort. "We already have more than 1,000 jobs in the community that cannot be filled," says Macon County Sheriff Antonio Brown. "A main reason for this is because many workers cannot pass a drug test. Allowing recreational marijuana sales in our community is only going to make this problem worse."

Decatur Police Chief, Jim Getz said, "Often people think marijuana is just a social drug and is not harmful, yet I have responded to homicides that were a result of marijuana deals gone bad. We know from other states that the legal sales of recreational marijuana can in-fact increase the black market and create more demands on law enforcement.  I encourage people to do their research and understand the true effects recreational marijuana  sales can have in our community."

The campaign examines health impacts. One statistic from shows that the  average THC content of marijuana in the early 1990s was 3.8%.  Today the average THC content is more than 50% with some extracts containing more than 80% THC.