DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - City officials are calling for changes after two Decatur police officers were shot in an early morning traffic stop. 

Mayor Julie Moore Wolfe says she and the city council have worked hard to provide as much funding as possible to the police department. Some of the funding has been used to buy new body cameras and dashboard camera. She says the new technology helps the officers in situations like this. 

"Body cams and car cams make a remarkable difference because they show you what really happened," said Moore Wolfe. "We have those videos from multiple angles. So they show the story."

The Mayor said these incidents shouldn't happen and that she is glad the outcome wasn't worse. City Councilman David Horn said these types of incidents negatively impact the entire community. 

"These are individuals that are working every single day, they are risking their lives to protect us," said Horn. "When someone attacks these officers, they are attacking the community as a whole and they are risking our safety and our well being."

Councilman Horn said he has seen a trend of increase violence towards police officers as the number of shootings has increased. He is calling for steps to reduce the number of guns in the streets. 

"The number of shootings is still elevated compared to where it was five years ago and even more heartbreaking is that it seems like the number of shootings that are directed toward our police officers seems to be increasing," said Horn. "So we need to find ways to put down the guns and to provide alternatives."

Horn said that one of those alternatives is to increase the number of programs for young adults, particularly after school. 

Decatur NAACP President Michael Diggs says the entire community is responsible for changing the way people interact with the police. He said people see law enforcement in a negative light and that needs to change.

"Community needs to be involved, watch out for each other, try to encourage our youth not to be violent try to say violence isn't the way to settle an argument and just kind of watch out for each other, and let the police help us," said Diggs. "And then we in turn, help the police. So it's definitely a two way street. So we want to say community: police are here to make it safe and we have to work with them to do that."

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