DECATUR, lll. (WAND) - Illinois lawmakers are working to increase fines for using a phone while driving, but the Decatur Police Department isn't waiting for that law to pass.

"We plan to have unmarked cars in various locations throughout the city, to catch people who are speeding or using their phone while driving," said Deputy Chief Shane Brandel. 

Of all fatal car crashes, 40 percent involve alcohol and 30 percent involve speeding. In 2018, Decatur saw the highest number of car crashes since 2009. Decatur police already made 94 DUI arrests in 2019. 

"It isn't always the person who's drinking that's killed," said Brandel. "It could be the innocent person who is just going to the store."

Speeding tickets in the city of Decatur can cost anywhere between $120 and $200. Anyone driving while using a cell phone could pay $75-$150. 

"Traffic crashes do affect everyone, even if you're not involved," said Brandel. "Insurance companies use that data to set insurance rates." 

Speed violations, as well as distracted and impaired driving, are three violations that the Decatur Police Department told WAND-TV they plan to crack down on.