Joseph M. Krol

Joseph M. Krol, 36 

DAWSON, Ill. (WAND) - A church pastor from Sangamon County is accused of sexually grooming a Macon County minor through Snapchat. 

According to a sworn affidavit, 36-year-old Joseph Krol was sending sexually inappropriate Snapchat messages to a 15-year-old minor from Oreana. The victim's mother said Krol had asked the child to play an "online true confessions game" when he allegedly contacted the minor on Oct. 7, 2021. 

This started off innocent in nature and became sexual, the affidavit said. At one point, Krol is accused of telling the victim he could bring them a gift and could sneak out while everyone was asleep and come over. 

The victim took pictures of the conversations on a phone, which was turned over to deputies. 

Macon County deputies said when they went on Oct. 15 to serve a search warrant at Krol's residence in Dawson, it took several minutes for him to answer. They said he could be seen grabbing his cell phone and manipulating buttons in the kitchen area. Deputies discovered Krol had reset the phone to factory settings. 

Krol is currently pastor at Rochester First Baptist Church and used to be pastor of Galilee Baptist Church in Decatur. 

Galilee Baptist released the following statement when WAND News reached out to authorities: 

"We are saddened to hear of the recent allegations made against Dr. Krol. We as a church take these allegations seriously and will cooperate with law enforcement in any investigation. We are eager to minister to all involved in this situation and will be offering professional counseling services to the victim of the alleged incident. Dr. Krol has not been affiliated with Galilee Baptist Church since June of 2021. We are praying for all involved. Deacons, Galilee Baptist Church."

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