BLUE MOUND, Ill. (WAND) - JB's Hideout in Blue Mound has closed their doors, for now, after deciding to open and fight the governor's stay-at-home orders. 

On Monday, the bar received an order from the Illinois Liquor Control Commission to close or they would lose their liquor licence. 

The owner, Jason Bliesner, said he is closed. However, he said he is filing a lawsuit against the governor and his executive order. 

Bliesner has hired attorney Tom DeVore to file the suit. DeVore is also the attorney for State Rep. Darren Bailey, The Zone Fitness in St. Joseph and many others who have filed lawsuits against the governor's orders.

According to Bliesner, the legal documents came on Monday, leaving him to keep the bar open through the weekend. He said people from all over the state came to his bar to show their support. 

He said his biggest day was Saturday when people from the rally in Springfield came back to the bar. Bliesner said they had five bartenders staffed all weekend and they could barley keep up with the amount of people. He said the bar made more in the two and half days than they normally do in a month. 

Bliesner decided not to open the bar on Monday, as he knew the letter was coming. 

"I still have a liquor license and can open the doors but I’m choosing the legal approach," he said. 

The letter from the Illinois Liquor Control Commission can be seen below: 

jb'S LETTER.jpg

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