Pana home demolition - Pana Pride

Photo: Pana Pride

PANA, Ill. (WAND) - Two abandoned homes in Pana have been demolished after a group raised money for costs. 

Pana Pride, a 501C3 volunteer organization, is working to demolish residential buildings that are abandoned or uninhabitable. A group organizer said there are currently 80 or 90 of those homes in Pana. 

The organizer said Pana does not have the funds to demolish these buildings, and efforts to make bringing them down were helped by a partnership with Pana Mayor Don Kroski. 

Pana Pride raised enough to demolish two homes. The demolitions are handled by local contractor Doug Miller, while local businessman Joe Coleman organizes dumpster and waste removal.

Tax-deductible donations can be made by citizens to an account at the Taylorville Community Credit Union Pana Branch, located at 101 E. 5th St.

"We urge all who want to see Pana improve, one home at a time, to donate," said Luke McQuillan.