Potholes prove costly for central Illinois drivers

MT. ZION, Ill. (WAND) — There’s no way around it: potholes are a problem.

“I have decimated my savings account and now I’m dipping into tuition funds,” said Lisa Perry.

Potholes have swallowed up much of central Illinois and Perry is fed up.

She’s been in not once, but twice in the past two weeks.

“[I had to pay for] replacing two tires, alignment and towing bill,” Perry said. “I now have three damaged rims, have to replace a tire and probably alignment again.”

And the scary part? These expensive repairs are fairly common.

“If they get lucky and they only have to buy a tire or maybe a wheel, they might get out with [a] $200 - $300 [repair],” said John Casebeer. “In some cases, if there’s extensive damage or multiple wheels involved, [it could cost] $1500 - $2000.”

Potholes form when water seeps into the cracks in the road. When it freezes, the ice expands the cracks. When it thaws, the cracks crumble.

City, county and state crews have been out and about trying to repair potholes as they pop up, but the patches aren’t always holding.

And as for how Perry feels about that…

“Angry. Very, very angry,” she said. “Something has got to give somewhere.”

Perry says she filed a claim with the Illinois Department of Transportation and that claim was denied. IDOT has jurisdiction over state-run highways and roads. In other cases, the county or city is responsible for upkeep.

If your car was damaged on a state-operated road, you can contact the IDOT district office with jurisdiction over the claim. They will then mail you a claim form to fill out.

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