All-Time 5 AT5

First Round Voting (All-Time 5)

For a look at the bracket, visit our Selection Sunday page!

Q: How can I help my team advance?

A: A win in the poll vote on this page = 3 "tickets" into the simulation pool (see below)

Q: How do the teams "win" games?

A: To simulate each game in the bracket, the WAND Sports team will draw "tickets" out of a pot in a best-of-three format. How do we determine how many tickets of each team are in the pot for each game?

There are four sources of tickets: "chalk", "chaos", "GV's Pick" and finally, the fan vote.

1) Chalk: The difference between the seeds is added to the favorite. (So for a matchup between a No. 1 seed and a No. 8 seed that would be seven. Seven tickets for the favorite.) (1-7 tickets)

2) Chaos: Three randomly assigned tickets, determined by coin flip. This helps account for upset potential. (3 tickets)

3) GV's Pick: Gordon Voit will pick a team. (value: 3 tickets)

4) Fan vote: Fans will decide, via online vote, who they think will win each matchup. (value: 3 votes) (Facebook bonus: 1 vote)

Example: a 1-8 matchup would have seven votes for the No. 1 seed, three chaos votes, three GV votes and three votes from fan selection. If the chaos vote goes 2-1 in favor of the favorite and Gordon Voit and fans both select the favorite, that means there will be 15 tickets with the favorite, one with the underdog. However, if the fan vote backs the underdog and the chaos vote skews the other way at 3-0 in favor of the underdog then all of a sudden the pot has 10 tickets for the favorite, 6 for the underdog.

Q: What do I do with my bracket after I fill it out?

A: Send a message to Gordon Voit via Facebook to enter into the Bracket Challenge!