ASHLAND, Ill. (WAND) -- Students at A-C Central High School and Cass County first responders re-enacted the scene of a drunk driving collision. 

Students in the high school's 'STAR Program' (Students Teaching About Resistance) were actors in the exercise.  

"I hope they took this seriously," A-C Central High School senior Francesca Boston said.

"It felt real while we're doing it," A-C Central High School senior Jenna Kesselring said.

"Impaired driving or distracted driving is a real issue and I think we nailed that in this reenactment," A-C Central teacher Mason Vincent said.

The 'STAR' program at the high school aims to turn students away from making poor decisions with alcohol and drugs.

"We actually had a tragedy in our class. One of our classmate's siblings was in a really bad wreck and passed away, so to spread awareness and doing our best to prevent stuff like this happening in the rest of our community," Kesselring said. 

Students at the high school were not partaking in the re-enactment, but also got a first hand look at how a prom or football Friday night could go wrong.

“In a rural district like we're in. It's very important for the students to understand that these are real-life situations," Vincent said.

“For the kids watching, I'm sure it was hard because they had to keep an eye on everything. The girl getting arrested, to me being airlifted, to my friend screaming. It's just a lot of things to focus on and just makes you realize how chaotic and messy an accident like that can actually be," Boston said.

Those in the 'STAR' program hope their classmates got the message loud and clear from the demonstration.

"I just want kids to think first before they drunk drive or before you text and drive," Boston said.

"I just hope it serves as a warning to be safe and to value the lives of yours and the lives of others on the road,” Kesselring said.

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