ATWOOD, Ill. (WAND) - Village leaders held a special meeting to discuss the expectations of Chief Rob Bross.

The 15-year experienced police officer is under fire after complaints of how he does his job. It's been said Bross is unprofessional and is alleged to have submitted false reports to DCFS. However, there are people who are defending him. 

The meeting had to go into an executive session, and WAND News couldn't capture any video during that portion of the meeting. They did hear what people had to say during the public comment part. 

Chief Bross was in the room during public comments. Residents say he's singled out families and children on multiple occasions. However, others defended him because he's "spending time positively with the kids".

Bross, who has been with the Atwood Police Department for more than five years, said he spoke to board members and answered their questions regarding the complaints. 

In a statement he sent to WAND News, he said: 

"While I would like to elaborate on what was said, it would be inappropriate to do so due to juvenile privacy laws.

What I would like to say is that I appreciate the support I received the last few days. When I spoke with the board, I invited them to review the body camera footage of the incidents brought up. I have also offered to have a separate agency review any signed complaints that are submitted.

I look forward to serving the community that has graciously stood behind me."

The chief said he aims to be as transparent as possible. Since he's the only full-time staffed officer, Bross suggested reaching out to state police if people have any issues. 

This story is expected to be updated. 

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