DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - Caterpillar Inc. in Decatur rolled out its 1000th CAT 24 Motor Grader on Thursday morning.

Since 1996, Caterpillar in Decatur has been building the CAT 24 Motor Grader. Leaders at the plant said it's taken hundreds of employees to get to the major milestone.

"It's a 26 year journey," said Tina Czerwinski, Facility Manager. "Hundreds of people have worked to get us to this point."

The CAT 24 Motor Grader is primarily used on mining sites. Czerwinski shared that the machine is used on different sites across the globe to maintain and build roads at mining sites.

"These machines are designed with durability and the reliability is next to none."

The 1000th model will head to Western Australia. According to Caterpillar Inc. leaders, it will join 25 other Motor Graders on an iron and mining site. For employees like Megan Haurberg, she shared that its great to see hard work in Decatur go overseas.

"It's just one more accomplishment to put us on the map. Caterpillar and Decatur go hand-in-hand," she said.

Caterpillar Inc. has been part of the Decatur community since 1955. While the 24 model is just one of several products made in the city, Haurberg said it's a great accomplishment for her and the people she works alongside.

"It's not just one person's job, there is a huge group and great teamwork."

The 1000th CAT 24 Motor Grade was finished being built earlier in the week.

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