Courage Connection teaming up with Loving Paws

CHAMPAIGN, ILL. (WAND) - For someone who's a survivor of abuse, having a safe space is just as important for their four-legged friends. More than 800 people have reached out to the Courage Connection for Shelter. There, they'd offer support services. Courage Connection hopes to help survivors by looking for animals, by teaming up with Loving Paws in Savoy. 

Courage Connection said there are moments when an abuser is holding pets as hostage and it can be difficult for someone to leave an abusive relationship. The pet clinic could change that by keeping animals safe until they're reunited. 

Loving Paws said the pet can be a cat or a dog. However, it has to weigh under 40 pounds. If needed, Loving Paws said they will work on help keeping them up-to-date with shots. The pet clinic said they'll reach out to an owner's previous vet to retrieve records. 

Helping survivors reunite with their pets can provide them a sense of peace. 

Domestic violence is a crime. This includes any  person when they: hit, choke and harass the personal liberty of another. Illinois' Domestic Violence Line is: 1-877-863-6338.