*WARNING - Some of the details in this story my be hard for some viewers to read.

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - The Macon County Sheriff's Office has arrested a man accused of causing serious injuries, including burns and brain injuries, to his infant son.

31-year-old Seth Nashland is accused of abusing his 2-month-old baby, after the baby was admitted to the hospital last week.

Authorities to Decatur Memorial Hospital on February 13, where Nashland had brought the baby to the emergency room. According to sworn statements, doctors discovered the child had several injuries, including "areas of subdural, subarachnoid and likely epideral hemorrhage with blood products of varying ages", along with a healing brain injury and newer brain injury, fractured ribs, 1st and 2nd degree burns to his genitals and thigh and leg areas, and bruising on his right ankle, right upper back and right ear.

Nashland gave deputies several stories about what happened, investigators said, including telling medical staff the family dog possibly trampled over the child. In a subsequent interview with sheriff's officials, Nashland told police he pushed the baby onto a blanket, causing the baby to hit his head on a TV stand. In a later interview, Nashland admitted to becoming upset and shaking his son back and forth, causing his eyes to roll back into his head, pushing the infant to the ground, and causing his head to strike a TV stand.

For the burn injuries, Nashland told DMH staff he "bumped the cold water off on accident" while giving the child a bath.

When asked about the child's old and healing injuries, deputies said Nashland told them the child's head hit a wall "after a near fall down the stairs". Nashland claimed his foot slipped while carrying the infant down steps of his house, causing the baby's head to hit the dry wall. 

The child is in the hospital at HSHS St. John's Hospital, statements said, and has a nurse dedicated to him. A respirator is assisting him with breathing, and he is on several medications to combat "uncontrollable seizures". 

Authorities said the infant might not live, and if he does, he could have vision and brain function problems "for the rest of his life". 

On February 14, authorities obtained permission to view Nashland's phone internet search history, where they said they found a Safari search for "How long do you go to jail for infant abuse". 

Nashland was arrested on Wednesday. He's facing a charge of aggravated battery to a child, and his bail is set at $2 million in Macon County. He's expected in court for an arraignment on February 27.