Barry K. Williams

Barry K. Williams, 53

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – A man accused of stealing a part from a pickup truck in Decatur is facing charges.

Deputies said surveillance video from Premier Auto Sales (1140 W. Pershing Road) showed Barry K Williams, 53, arriving in the area and parking at a neighboring property after midnight on Jan. 13. They said he could be seen approaching and getting under a gold Ford F-250 twice, then leaving the second time with something underneath his shirt.

The Premier official who called deputies about the crime said a catalytic converter, valued at $1,100, was stolen from the Ford.

According to sworn statements, the same caller saw Williams’ car at a Pilot gas station along Boyd Road and followed it. Authorities said they stopped Williams at a rest stop along I-72 eastbound and found seven catalytic converters in his car, along with tools “capable of cutting a catalytic converter from vehicles”.

Williams was planning to sell the converters in Indiana in order to make more money, statements said. Deputies said he did not have an automotive parts recycler or scrap processor license, as state law requires.

The suspect faces multiple charges, including counts of theft, violating the recyclable metal purchase registration law and obstructing justice. His bail is set at $15,000 in Macon County.