DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - Local businesses are struggling to stay open.

Business owners said Tier 3 mitigations are pushing them closer to the edge of closing. Before the pandemic, hundreds of people visited the Skywalker International Sports Complex. Nowadays, it is less than a dozen. Rodney Walker, the owner of the sports complex, said the grace of God is keeping his business open. 

"We're just doing enough to keep the lights," Walker said. 

Usually, the sports complex hosts basketball games and tournaments. That is how the Walker's business earned revenue. He has been forced to cancel all of the league games. Lately, Walker has hosted one-on-one training sessions. He said he was not expecting an impact like this to his business. 

"At the end of the day we can control what we can control," Walker said. 

Since Tier 3 mitigations are officially in effect, the capacity of Walker's sports complex was cut down to 25%. Gov. JB Pritzker said his administration can "potentially pull back on these mitigations for everyone before the December holidays." 

Walker is holding on to optimism during this time of uncertainty. He told WAND News he does not know how long these setbacks will last. "All we can do is try to hang on until we run out of revenue." 

Paying the bills is one problem, but what really concerns Walker is not being able to give kids a safe space. 

"We had to turn down a lot of kids this week," Walker said. "Who knows what those kids are doing." 

Not all hope is lost. Fortunately, through donations, the kindness of others help keep the lights on. As the holiday season draws near, Walker said small businesses need help now more than ever. 

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