Springfield, Ill (WAND) – Opposition to legalizing recreational marijuana in Illinois is starting to form with a bipartisan group of lawmakers trying to slow down efforts to pass it in the General Assembly.

“Stop this poison from getting into our children, getting into our streets,” Rep. Marty Moylan, (D) Des Plaines, told a rally.  “Get our police officers some tools to stop all this.”

Moylan introduced a resolution (HR 157) to try to slow down efforts to legalize marijuana as a way to generate revenue for the state budget.  37 co-sponsors, Democrats and Republicans, are joining the effort.

Among central Illinois lawmakers listed as co-sponsors are Republican State Representatives Dan Caulkins, (R) Decatur and C.D. Davidsmeyer, (R) Jacksonville.  Democratic State Representative Sue Scherer, (D) Decatur, is also listed as a co-sponsor.