fulton sheen

PEORIA, Ill. (WAND) – Pope Francis has formally approved a miracle that took place in Central Illinois.

The Catholic Diocese of Peoria announced the news. The miracle is attributed to the intercession of Archbishop Fulton Sheen.

It was shared in a press release that the miracle happened back in 2010. A newborn baby showed no signs of life for sixty-one minutes. That’s when family and friends prayed to Archbishop Sheen asking for him to intercede on behalf of the baby.

Just before the baby was to be pronounced dead, the release shared that the baby’s heart started beating, and the child breathed normally. Through a rigorous investigation, the miracle was ultimately attributed to Archbishop Fulton Sheen and confirmed by Pope Francis.

Now that the miracle has been confirmed, the Diocese of Peoria can start planning for the Beatification of Archbishop Sheen, which will take place in Peoria.