URBANA, Ill. (WAND) - A 4-month-old baby is in critical condition in Central Illinois and now, his parents are sharing his story in efforts to raise awareness about the virus he's fighting.

Brock Shick was diagnosed with Syncytial Virus also known as RSV earlier this month. His parents Tristan Payne and Andrew Shick said they thought it was just a cold at first. He had a small cough and a couple of days later came down with a fever.

"He started gradually getting worse to the point where he is just sedated and on a paralyzing medicine and has a machine breathing for him," says his mother Tristan Payne.

Tristan and Andrew say they're unsure of how he got RSV, but he was in daycare and his brother also had RSV and being born pre-mature is was made this virus attack his body harder.

"To us, it's nothing more than a cold, but it basically gave my son pneumonia and filled his lungs with fluid, stopped working and had to put a machine that does all that for him," says his father Andrew Shick.

So they're hoping, by sharing his story, others will consider staying home when they are sick or covering their mouths when they're out in public.

"When this virus hits a kid this young, it really affects them pretty hard," says Shick.  

"You shouldn't touch, kiss babies and especially if you have a cold. Make sure you are always washing your hands," says Shick.

As of now, Brock is in stable condition at Carle Foundation Hospital.

"Essentially they say he can be on this machine for a month. He can be on this machine for 7 more days but he's going to be in the hospital for a while longer. We say stable, he's not stable. Everything is very life-threatening, but our version of stable is he's not getting worse," says Shick.

His parents have created a Facebook page with daily updates on their son and they have been overwhelmed with the amount of support.

"Everyone has reached out. Just to say we are praying for you and we've had people sending donations and we don't know where they're from and just everyone rallying around us has been amazing," says Payne.