Alvell Mitchell

Alvell Mitchell, 26 

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – A man who obstructed police during a traffic stop and then made threats to officers is behind bars, sworn statements said.

Police said in the documents they were in the middle of a traffic stop after 1 a.m. Wednesday at Webster and Lawrence streets when they could see 26-year-old Alvell Mitchell sprinting toward them. They said he was yelling something as he approached the stop.

Statements said Mitchell, who in past encounters had been “extremely hostile” toward law enforcement, began cursing at police for stopping people on “his block”. Officers then told him they would have to give him a no trespassing half sheet before he would be allowed to leave, the documents said.

Immediately before this happened, police said Mitchell was a suspect in a criminal trespass case at a BP gas station (2185 E. Wood St.), where the store clerk had asked that he be barred from the business.

Mitchell is accused of then confronting another person who was walking southbound on Webster. The two men met in front of the traffic violator’s car, police said, as Mitchell took off his shirt and approached the person with clenched fists. Officers said they separated the men and told Mitchell to leave.

When Mitchell kept refusing to leave and told officers to “get the f*** off my block”, according to sworn statements, police took him into custody for resisting/obstructing police. Officers said in statements that Mitchell was putting them at risk because traffic stops are already dangerous and he was keeping their attention away from focusing on the stop.

On the way to the jail, statements said Mitchell threatened an officer and told him, “you know how f****d you are” and “I’m going to f*** your momma, I’m going to f*** your cousins, I’m going to f*** your sister, your baby sister, you(r) little sisters, whoever’s your sister”. When jail staff searched the suspect, he said, “when I catch you out I’m gonna beat your a**”, among other things, per the documents.

Statements also claim the officer walked by Mitchell’s holding cell and heard him say “I’m gonna f*** your wife when I found out where she is”, which the officer took as a direct threat to him and his family.

Mitchell faces charges of resisting/obstructing a peace officer and threatening public officials. His bail is set at $25,000 in Macon County.