SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - Solving homelessness in Springfield presents a challenge - something city officials said they cannot face alone.

At last check, one can find people living in tents outside of the old Salvation Army building. It is located on 11th & Jefferson in Springfield.

City leaders could turn the facility into a "safety net shelter for the next 24 months." However, the idea is not welcomed with open arms. 

Michael Moore, a Ward Two resident, expressed to the city council how the shelter should be located somewhere else. 

"Every time they propose a homeless shelter, they put it on the East side," Moore said. "We're homeowners just like everybody else." 

"The other wards are going to say the same thing," WAND's Tristan Hardy replied. 

"Correct, but when they speak they [the city council] listen," Moore said.

The city council is listening. Alderman Shawn Gregory, who oversees Ward Two, asked his constituents for more time to figure things out. 

"We really just don't have another building to really get beside of," Gregory said. 

Mayor Jim Langfelder told WAND News every entity should work together to solve homelessness. 

"It should be all of us working together for those supportive services," Langfelder said. "Whether it's health, mental health, or addiction or employment. Whatever those services needs are." 

More discussion is planned next Tuesday and a formal vote in August. There is an ordinance that would allocate more than $1 million to the local Salvation Army. 

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