Vet helps dogs in trip across globe

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – A veterinarian from Illinois went overseas to help dogs receive needed medical treatment.

Dr. Larry Baker signed a contract through email to help the two dogs in Ethiopia, who needed root canal and crown placement work. The people who asked for assistance made the arrangements for him to travel there and home.

Baker says he ran into challenges when he arrived.

“I couldn’t use a high-speed dental drill because they didn’t have any there,” he said. “It was hard to find a dentist there (or) a dental lab. So I actually did the root canal, shaping the crown of the teeth with my Dremel tool, which wasn’t as easy to do but we got it made.”

Baker used injectable anesthesia to finish the job using minimal tools.

He says he was the only person out of 200 people who responded. He says most of the others likely thought it was spam.