DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - Four challengers have been elected to serve on the Decatur Public Schools board. 

The new board members are Al Scheider, Kevin Collins-Brown, Alana Giselle Banks and Jason Wayne Dion. With no incumbents running for another term, each person comes in as a new voice. 

The full list of people running for school board seats included Scheider, Dion, Ferlaxnes Carson, Krystal Johnson, Collins-Brown, Jayjuan Young and Banks.

The final unofficial vote tally was as follows: 

  • Al Scheider 21.04%, 3,387 votes 
  • Kevin Collins-Brown 18.56%, 2,989 votes 
  • Jason Wayne Dion 15.09%, 2,430 votes 
  • Alana Giselle Banks 14.83%, 2,387 votes 
  • Jayjuan Young 11.86%, 1,910 votes 
  • Krystal Johnson 11.02%, 1,774 votes 
  • Ferlaxnes Carson 7.6%, 1,224 votes

Even with these seats filled, the district must find a new superintendent to replace Dr. Paul Fregeau, who is leaving on June 30 to become the head of the Fox C-6 School District in Arnold, Mo. 

Fregeau will be the the Arnold district's third superintendent in seven years. In the new job, he will make $222,000 a year, which is an increase of $25,000 from what the makes at Decatur Public Schools. 

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