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A new study finds that climate change isn't causing the devastating drought and famine in Madagascar. World Weather Attribution looks at weather extremes and uses established techniques to see if climate change is a factor. In the case of Madagascar, the international scientists could not find a significant impact from global warming. Instead researchers say this is part of the natural swings of weather and is something that happens on average about every 135 years or so. The study, which is not peer reviewed, blames poverty and vulnerability for the famine. 

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It’s a hidden crisis that's existed for years inside one of the most well-funded institutions on the planet and has only worsened during the coronavirus pandemic. As many as 160,000 active-duty military members are having trouble feeding their families. That word comes from Feeding America, which coordinates the work of more than 200 food banks around the United States. The group estimates that 29% of troops in the most junior enlisted ranks faced food insecurity during the previous year. In response, a robust network of military-adjacent charitable organizations such as the Armed Services YMCA and Blue Star Families has developed an infrastructure of food banks near major domestic bases.